What Are the Responsibilities of a Winston-Salem Property Management Company? - Article Banner

When you decide to work with a Winston-Salem property manager, you’re putting one of your largest assets into the hands of an experienced professional. This is good news for what you earn and for how you feel. There’s more peace of mind when you have a professional manager providing support and resources. 

What should you expect from your management partner? It depends on your property, your needs, and the company you choose to work with. 

Here are some of the responsibilities that should always fall to your Winston-Salem property management company

Leasing Your Winston-Salem Rental Property

A good property manager will have a structured and effective leasing process. That starts with preparing your property for the rental market and ensuring it has a competitive, accurate, and profitable rental value attached to it. 

Some of the leasing responsibilities you should also expect your property manager to take care of include:

  • Pricing the home according to the market
  • Recommending upgrades and updates to better prepare your property for the market
  • Listing your home and marketing the property online
  • Responding to inquiries by phone and message
  • Scheduling showings
  • Providing applications
  • Screening tenants

Tenant screening is perhaps one of the most important responsibilities of any property manager in Winston-Salem. Effective screening requires a lot of expertise, and you can expect a well-qualified tenant thanks to your property manager’s resources and screening tools. The process is rigorous and fair, and it meets all fair housing requirements. 

Your tenant won’t be approved until they meet all your property manager’s credit and income standards. Landlord references and eviction records will be checked and a full criminal background check will be completed.  

Once a tenant is approved, your property manager will conduct a move-in inspection at your property, collect the move-in funds, and negotiate and sign the lease agreement with your new tenant. 

Residential Property Management in Winston-Salem

Your investment property in Winston-Salem needs ongoing management. 

This will include enforcing your lease agreement, collecting rent, and responding to anything your tenant needs. Your property manager will be responsible for any tenant communication, the service of notices, and general day-to-day operations with anything pertaining to your property.  

Routine, Preventative, and Emergency Maintenance

One of the most important roles of your property manager is to maintain your home. A good management company has processes in place to take care of routine, emergency, and preventative maintenance. Your management partner will work with licensed and insured vendors, and you should be able to save some money because most management companies receive discounted pricing from vendors and contractors.

Protecting the condition of your investment is an important property management responsibility. You want to preserve the value of your asset and avoid deferred maintenance. 

Property Investor Services: Accounting and Bookkeeping 

Rental Property TaxTracking the income and expenses associated with your rental property is critical for tax purposes and to get an idea of whether your investment is performing the way you want it to. 

Your property manager is responsible for providing regular accounting reports and monthly statements with your rental payments. The accounting you receive from your property manager is professional, detailed, accurate, and transparent. You should expect an online portal, where you can check in on where you stand financially.

These are the basic responsibilities of any management professional you work with. If you have questions about property management services in Winston-Salem, please contact us at Capstone Realty Consultants.