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Real Estate

Capstone Real Estate is your best resource when you need help buying or selling a Winston-Salem home. Count on our experts to help you navigate the market, settle on the best price, and close on the terms you expect.

Residential Management

We’re committed to providing a better rental experience for our owners and our tenants. We deliver a fair, consistent, and professional management process that leaves our residents happy and our owners profitable. 

Commercial Management

No one understands the nuances of commercial property management in Winston-Salem better than the team at Capstone Real Estate. Ask us about our portfolio of commercial properties and how we’ve helped owners earn more and spend less.

HOA Management

Volunteer boards at community and homeowner associations have a lot to wrangle. We provide a more efficient process with our accounting and comprehensive management services for HOAs and condominium associations.



Residential Winston-Salem Property Management Focused on Service

Owning Winston-Salem real estate is an excellent way to diversify your investments and earn long term wealth. As a real estate owner, you need a partner you can trust to effectively lease, manage, and maintain your property while handling operational responsibilities. 

Capstone Realty Consultants has the experience you want in a property management company. We have a dedicated team of professionals ready to help you maximize your profits without sacrificing on service.

Maybe you’re renting out the home you once lived in, or maybe you’re an experienced investor who is growing an impressive portfolio of rental properties. Wherever you find yourself and whatever you need, our talented and professional team is ready to deliver a better rental experience for you and your residents. We believe in raising the standard for Winston-Salem property management, and delivering the best in customer service.

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Property Owner Handbook

Interested in an overview of the administrative and management procedures of Capstone Realty? 
Capstone Makes Owning Rental Properties Carefree and Profitable.
Inquire today to receive an Owner Handbook!


Commercial Property Management Provides Support & Resources

Commercial property management requires a different type of attention to buildings, tenants, and lease terms. We’re ready to meet that challenge. 

Whether you own an office building, retail shopping center, or a mixed-use facility, as a real estate investor, you know that strategic planning is an essential component of any asset management plan. Your goal is to earn as much as you can with your commercial properties, and to maintain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. 

The best way to accomplish this is with a property management partner you can trust to effectively manage your investment and facilitate the day-to-day operational responsibilities associated with commercial property management.



Professional HOA & Community Association Management in Winston-Salem

Our condominium and  homeowner association management services are personalized to fit the needs of your unique community. We provide highly specialized services that are fully integrated into our best practices and best technology approach to managing your community.

Capstone Realty Consultants enhances the Winston-Salem community associations we work with by providing a high level of service and bringing the tools, resources, and expertise that comes with our industry leadership. We are here to get to know your community and to support the board and members, delivering a truly measurable value for your community.

Managing associations throughout Winston-Salem, including communities in zip codes 27103, 27104, 27106, 27012, and 27023.

“My rental home in Ardmore has been managed by Capstone. Yes, I found them to be knowledgeable, efficient, courteous but firm in difficult situations. But these qualities would mean nothing if not being used with integrity. The upright integrity of the management and staff is what has impressed me the most. I value their honesty the most.”

– Evangelia Artist


Buying Real Estate

Buying a New Winston-Salem Home Doesn’t Have to be Stressful

At Capstone Realty Consultants, we understand that buying a home is a big decision. Our team of consultants will help you navigate the process and the market, making it less stressful and more focused on what you want and need. Our agents are trained to help you find just the right home for your lifestyle and budget.

Your home buying process is about more than taking virtual tours online and making an offer. There’s a lot you need to know about your investment, your financing, and the terms of your sale. A professional Winston-Salem real estate company can be your best asset. 

We help with market research and we negotiate terms. We talk to you about what to expect and where to look. At Capstone Realty Consultants, we offer our buyer services most often at no cost to you. It is to your advantage to hire a real estate professional to represent your best interests when buying real estate. 

Whether it’s the first home you’re buying or you’ve done this before, we can help you have a better experience. 

Our team works with Winston-Salem buyers in West End, Buena Vista, Ardmore, Sherwood Forest, Greenbrier Farm, and surrounding areas.

Selling Real Estate

Get More for Your Winston-Salem Property When You Sell with Capstone

At Capstone Realty Consultants, we have years of experience in the Winston-Salem real estate market. We have seen the trends and the turns, and we’ve helped sellers get the best deal for their properties whether the market has been strong or uncertain. 

It’s our job to keep up with the changes locally and economically. We understand that the days of putting an ad in the paper and a sign in the yard for selling real estate are long gone. With today’s internet savvy buyers, they are doing their research online prior to driving by or making a call to their agent for a viewing. 

At Capstone, we will help you put your best electronic foot forward in order to drive potential buyers toward your property. We have access to all of the latest marketing and advertising portals available. Hiring a well qualified real estate professional will be the best decision you make for your home selling experience.


“I have been more than just pleased with the service and response with those that I have dealt with at Capstone. Quick with information and answers. Courteous and respectful and they have taken a huge load off of me when I contacted them to take over the management of our rental property. I recommend them very highly to anyone looking for their type of service.”

– Shannon Foxgrover

Areas We Serve


• Winston-Salem


• West End

• Buena Vista

• Ardmore

• Sherwood Forest

• Greenbrier Farm

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What People Are Saying About Us

4.9 /5
52 Reviews

Nov 9, 2021
Capstone Realty Consultants
Perry did great work in a timely manner
Oct 11, 2021
Capstone Realty Consultants
Wish the garage trim was also painted and gutters cleaned
Oct 11, 2021
Capstone Realty Consultants
our Capstone manager made this a very simple / painless move. This was appreciated more from our family than words can describe .
Aug 11, 2021
Capstone Realty Consultants
Capstone is extremely professional! I love working with them. They make HOA management extremely easy. Kellie is hands down the best. She is extremely efficient and timely.
Aug 10, 2021
Google Capstone Realty Consultants
I was President of the board for 9 years at our Condo Owners Association.. We moved our management contract to Capstone about 3 years ago. The differences with Capstone were very significant: 1) Capstone is highly professional and their people are stable .We had no turnover in managers. We had a consistent relationship instead of changing managers every year. 2) Capstone provides expertise and effort where it belongs. They know the law and they understood our Bylaws, declarations and regulations better than we did. We got excellent guidance on the big issues. 3) Capstone majors in the important issues. They also hold the Board accountable for doing it’s job. We had to learn to do our job while they managed the COA. We needed to do our part and deal with difficult owners while they provided efficient , timely management services. A successful Owners Association requires a partnership between management and the Board. We each have a role and the roles are complementary. Capstone gets it. They taught our Board how the relationship needed to be for success and affordability.

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At Capstone Realty Consultants, our finger is on the pulse of the Winston-Salem real estate and property management industry. Property owners, buyers, and prospective renters have already taken the steps necessary to educate themselves online. By the time you call us, you know what you want and what you need. We’re ready to answer your questions and meet those needs.

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