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Buying a home is always a very special experience and means even more when it is your first home. However, it takes a lot of time and energy to find that perfect property. You might know the kind of home that you are looking for, but hiring an agent is certainly recommended. 

A real estate agent has a strong network, is aware of suitable properties in the neighborhood and can find you the right property. In addition, they can handle coordination with the current homeowners, can check the necessary inspection reports, and can make your home-buying experience easy, hassle-free and enjoyable.

Being a first-time home buyer in Winston Salem, you must have many questions, and a right agent can answer all your queries efficiently. But do you know what you should be asking your agents to find the right one? 

Here are a few crucial questions.

1. How long have you been working as a real estate agent?

The more experienced the agent, the more aware they are about the challenges of first-time homebuyers and can guide you better. There are higher chances that the experienced agent has extended networks in the industry and would use these to get you the best deals. Hence, this should be the first question that you ask your agent.

2. Have you helped buyers find homes in this area before?

If you are a first-time home buyer in Winston Salem, it would be essential to hire an agent who has proven experience in helping buyers find homes in the area. If you ask this question to the agent, it will help you assess his/her experience. More experienced the agent, higher the chances of you finding the right property in a less amount of time, at the right price. 

Also, if the agent has helped buyers find homes in the local area, it also implies that he/she has good connections with the owners in that local area, making it easier for you to get a hassle-free deal. 

3. How long has this house been on the market?

When you have looked at some properties, you should start asking in-depth questions. Knowing how long the property has been on the market helps you assess whether or not it is the right fit for you. A property that has been on the market for too long may have some issues, which is why it is not getting sold. Therefore, it is essential to ask this question to your agent.

4. What are the major concerns you see in this house and what does its future maintenance look like?

Real estate agents have experience in viewing properties and dealing with owners on a daily basis. They have access to information like structural issues, roof, HVAC, or other big-ticket issues. It is also their legal obligation to inform you if there are any major concerns related to the property. Besides, knowing if the property is going to require a lot of future maintenance can be a deciding factor as to whether or not you want to buy the place.

5. What are the closing costs for the house?

Real Estate ExpensesThere are a number of expenses involved while closing a real estate deal, apart from the cost of the property. Your agent can save you a great deal of money if he/she is aware of the closing costs involving appraisal fees, taxes, and attorney fees. 

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