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While buying a property, people tend to choose one in an HOA community due to the advantage of having a well-managed neighborhood. The houses are clean, aesthetically pleasing, and properly maintained. However, some people find the rules of HOA housing excessively strict.

Once you become a member, you are required to comply with all the rules and regulations of the HOA, without exception.

Winston Salem HOAs often levy dues assessments for all the members that cover the cost of the HOAs annual expenses. Even though this minimizes the hassle of maintenance, it can be an affordability issue for some. Rigorous parking rules, noise rules, and regulations limiting the usage of yard space are just a few among many restrictions that the residents are required to follow.

Common Rules of a Winston Salem HOA

  • Landscaping and Exterior Spaces

Since the HOA is in charge of how the neighborhood appears as a whole, homeowners usually don’t have the liberty to decide the type and color of exterior paint for the house. Your Homeowners Association might have an approved color palette that you can choose from.

Additionally, they have rules prohibiting homeowners from altering their landscape. People are discouraged from planting a flower garden or a vegetable garden, unless they can care for it properly, having fences that clash with the aesthetics of the community, and letting the lawn be overgrown with weeds.

As a result of this, the overall appearance of the neighborhood seems consistent and impressive to any potential buyer. This helps the HOA in keeping the property value of the community intact.

  • Community Structures and Outdoor Buildings

If your house doesn’t have a shed or a garage space in the yard, you might think of building one yourself. However, you will need to get it approved by your HOA. It has the power to decide if an additional structure is allowed, how big, and what kind it should be. They also have a say in where you place the shed structure.

On a more important note, you may also have to get your holiday decorations approved by the Homeowners Association.

This rule assures that no property in the neighborhood is strewn with unsafe and shabby structures. Having said that, the HOA tries its best to make all decisions with consensus and in a peaceful procedural manner.

  • Regulations for Pets and Children

Some HOAs have strict pet policies in place, which restrict the type, breed, and number of pets per house. You need to check with your Homeowners Association before getting a pet. In communities that have age restrictions, depending on your age, you might not be able to purchase in a given community.

  • Noise and Nuisances

Preventing noise and disturbances in the neighborhood is one of the most important duties of an HOA. Members or renters in such a community are not allowed to throw noisy parties, as it can result in a violation of rules.

In addition to making the neighborhood an enjoyable place for people of all ages, rules against noise help in making the neighborhood quiet and peaceful.

Although the basic rules may remain the same, the rules and regulations vary for every Winston Salem HOA.

Whether they are reasonable or not is a rather subjective matter, depending on the age, occupation, and individual preferences of every resident.

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