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An HOA will likely work with several different vendors in an effort to keep the community safe, attractive, and well-maintained. You’ll need landscapers and roofers. Pest control experts and pool cleaners. 

Having a preferred network of licensed, insured, and cost-effective vendors will ensure the work needed in your association is done on time, within budget, and to the standards that you expect. 

Establishing and maintaining these vendor relationships can be time-consuming. Here’s how your HOA board can deal with vendors.

Selecting Winston-Salem HOA Vendors 

You want to surround your HOA with the right vendors. You’re looking for reliable professionals who offer good discounts in exchange for a consistent volume of work. Do your research, study a vendor’s reputation, and make sure your budget matches the prices you’re being quoted. 

Don’t hire the cheapest vendor just because they’re cheap. You don’t want to sign on for a low quality of work. Any money you might think you’re saving will be spent repairing their mistakes and dealing with homeowner complaints.

Keep a large pool of potential vendors available to you. Look for those who have experience working with communities similar to yours.

Communicate Expectations Openly

Good relationships require good communication, and you’ll need to feel comfortable communicating openly and transparently with the vendors who come to your community to provide services. Share your expectations before the work gets started. Don’t hesitate to offer feedback. Always provide compliments and positive feedback when something is done especially well. This type of positive reinforcement will ensure continued customer service and high standards of work. 

Remain responsive with your vendors. Be available to them if they have questions. Always pay them on time. This will ensure your relationship remains strong and your best vendors remain loyal and committed to you.

Work within Your Governing Documents 

As you collect bids, sign contracts, and negotiate contract renewals with vendors, always be mindful of your governing documents. Your HOA may be specific about what types of vendors you may consider and how they should be chosen. 

Sometimes, governing documents will have specific restrictions or requirements when it comes to vendors. Your HOA bylaws might require a specific amount of liability coverage to be carried before you can contract with a vendor. You may need to give preference to locally owned business or women-owned businesses. 

Follow any requirements or restrictions in your governing documents. You want to avoid liability and potential complaints that the HOA board is not doing their due diligence while choosing and managing vendors. 

Winston-Salem Association Management 

Vendor ManagementVendor management is one of the best reasons to partner with a company that provides association management expertise. We can hire vendors, negotiate contracts and prices, and be the point of contact for any company or individual performing work in or around your community. This takes a lot of pressure off the board and gives you more time to focus on the specific needs of your community. Our experience puts us in touch with a great network of vendors and contractors. We can take care of this part of association management for you. 

If you’d like to hear more about how we can help, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Capstone Realty Consultants.