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Many people buy a home in an HOA community because they appreciate the safety that these neighborhoods often provide. Some of them are gated and others have full-time or evening security. You want to deliver a sense of community, safety, and respect when you’re welcoming people into your community. 

Today, we have some tips on how to maintain safety and security in your Winston-Salem HOA

Communicate Transparently with Your Homeowners

Communication is an important part of keeping your residents safe. If there has been a recent series of break-ins or car thefts, don’t try to cover that up. Let people know what is happening, and remind them to take every precaution when it comes to keeping their home safe. Reminders to lock car doors can be helpful, and it’s a good idea to recommend security systems and devices that are effective and proactive.

Inspect Roads, Sidewalks, and Walkways

The HOA is responsible for maintaining streets, streetlights, sidewalks, and in some cases, lawns and yards. Make sure there aren’t any slip and fall hazards. Repair large potholes in the roads before your residents start blowing out tires. Look for tree branches that may be endangering roofs and keep any common areas safe, free of debris and personal property, and clean. 

Routine preventative maintenance can also help. If you schedule annual inspections, you’ll have the peace of mind that the community and all of its common spaces are safe for residents and guests. 

Look for Potential Security Issues

Keeping your residents and your community safe means ensuring there’s adequate lighting outside at night, and plenty of security. Evaluate your security system regularly. If you have a gate or a key system, make sure the technology still makes sense. There might be something more secure available, and if so – your board should check it out. Pools need locking gates and all the necessary signs that remind residents of rules and pool safety guidelines. 

Prevent Fires and Floods

Prevent Fires and FloodsRemind your homeowners about the importance of smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. Fire can be an unexpected danger, and odorless carbon monoxide from heaters and appliances can be deadly. Water is another potential hazard. Encourage your residents to check their property’s gutters and roof every year and make sure there isn’t any moisture creeping into the home. That can lead to mold, which presents health issues and expensive remediation issues. A preventative approach is far safer and more cost effective. Offer your residents workshops, educational materials, and guest speakers on issues that may be of concern.

Document all of your safety inspections so you can demonstrate that you’re responsive to any issues that have arisen at your community. Make sure your homeowners understand the importance of reporting any safety issues right away. 

Everyone in the HOA wants their property values to remain high and their community to be a safe and healthy place to live. If you need help communicating or upgrading your safety and security precautions, please contact us at Capstone Realty. We can help your Winston Salem HOA deliver more value to your homeowners.