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A rental property undergoes gradual deterioration in its structure, quality, and appearance with time. This is referred to as normal wear and tear. It can occur when a tenant is residing there or even when the rental is vacant.

Property damage, on the other hand, is caused by tenants due to negligence or misuse of the premises. Both decrease the market value of the property and hence, landlords should be aware of what wear and tear entails so that they can protect the rental accordingly.

Here are a few examples that can be considered normal wear and tear for your Winston Salem rental property.

Worn-Out Carpets

Various carpets are available in the market, such as cut loop, polyester, plush pile, shag carpet, and more. A new carpet has a life of 7 to 8 years. However, it is not easy to clean carpets regularly as it can damage the color and make it look worn out.

Daily use and frequent walking on the carpet results in moderate scuffs, marks, and nicks. In addition, small stains, faded color, build-up of dirt, and loosened threads can be considered normal wear.

However, anything beyond these could be significant damages. Some common examples of property damage are torn carpets, big stains of pet urine, food and drink spills, and burn-holes. Landlords can charge tenants in such cases of actual damages.

Scuff Marks on the Walls

Minor scuff marks caused due to furniture kept tight against the wall and hanging pictures/paintings are the signs of normal wear and tear of a rental property. Even strong sunlight can cause the color of the walls to fade gradually.

Apart from these, nail scratches, peeled paint, cracks, or hairline fissures in the walls come under the realm of normal wear and tear. These occur naturally due to living or weather conditions.

However, landlords in Winston Salem can charge for the significant changes such as big dents due to mounting, coloring with crayons, scraped paint, pet scratching marks, and drilling.

Wear And Tear of Windows and Faucets

Metal window frames are likely to rust over a prolonged period. Rust can make your windows unsightly and weak if not maintained regularly. Dusty or lightly scratched panes, loose handles, warped windows, stuck windows, and blurred glasses are a part of the normal wear of windows. Landlords may be required to replace or repair these in such cases.

Faucets are bound to become leaky over time. It is a part of normal wear and tear, which can be prevented by implementing simple practices such as slowly turning faucets and avoiding heavy pressure. Pipes and faucets start dripping when the washer seal of the tap starts getting worn down. Regular maintenance and cleaning can aid in preventing severe damages.

Home Appliances

Home appliances become less functional due to constant use or overuse. For example, noisy or wobbly washing machines, tumble dryers, blocked gas outlets, the inefficient cooling system in the refrigerator, and tripped circuit breakers are some of the ways in which your Winston Salem property’s appliance wear and tear may occur. Landlords should get these appliances repaired or replace them before they cause any harm to the property.

Landlords and tenants are equally responsible for regularly undertaking maintenance to reduce the normal wear and tear of the house. It is essential to carry out proactive measures to prevent them from becoming severe and causing large-scale damage. A regular inspection can help in identifying the deterioration.

Normal wear and tearHowever, you may find it difficult to inspect and maintain the property on your own. Getting help from a trusted property management company in Winston Salem, like Capstone Realty Consultants, can be beneficial here. At Capstone Realty Consultants, our experts conduct regular rental inspections with suggestions for proactive maintenance to help you deal with the wear and tear issues. Reach out to us at Capstone Realty Consultants for further assistance.