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Renovation of a house often sounds like expensive handiwork, but it needn’t be. The exterior of the house always makes a great impact on a prospective buyer’s first impression and the fresh look of the house can be very persuasive in terms of making a choice of home. 

So, as a homeowner, how do you increase the desirability of your Winston Salem home? One of the easiest ways is by upgrading your curb appeal, property aesthetics, and overall value. 

Here are 5 affordable ways to improve the appeal of your Winston Salem home.

  • Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

Adding a fresh coat of paint can give the property a brand-new look, making your house stand out in your neighborhood. Painting is also a cost-effective way for improved curb appeal as it requires lesser time, financial investment, and effort as compared to the other ways of enhancing the looks of your home, such as wallpapering, which is far more expensive. 

  • Landscape Your Garden

Living in a beautiful green neighborhood is every homeowners’ dream. A home that has an appealing garden gives it a positively lavish look and makes the entryway welcoming. Fragrant flowers, well-trimmed hedges, and a properly maintained lawn add a lot to the curb appeal of the home.

  • Add Aesthetic Solar Lights

While the fresh coat of paint and the landscape can give your Winston Salem home a reformed curb appeal during the day, if you use solar lights along the driveway, the front path and the front hedges, it can give your Winston Salem an aesthetic uplift and offer a distinctive look at night. These lights are eco-friendly, easy to install and need nearly no maintenance. 

  • Install a New Door Handle and House Numbers

New, shiny door handles can make the exteriors of the home look furnished, and well-designed. The new handles can be designed to complement the furniture of the house, the fresh paint, and the gardens. 

There are many creative ways to write the house number on the entrance. You could add the number on a plant holder, write it in a creative manner on the mailbox, give it a personalized look by adding your favorite colors or design. This gives you an opportunity to be creative, while making your home memorable.

  • Upgrade Your Mailbox

Upgarde MailboxMailboxes are on the front door or at the entrances, hence, renovating them is one of the smartest ways to upgrade the curb appeal. There are several affordable techniques and unique styles in which you could upgrade your mailbox, like decorating it with flowers, giving it different colors, designs, shapes according to the style of the home, designing it with meaningful quotes like, ‘In the time of Emails, You’ve Got a Letter’, and so on.

Your home’s first impression is what sets it apart from other houses and makes it seem attractive to potential buyers. Increasing curb appeal is a reliable way to do so, especially with some help from an experienced real estate agent.

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