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A Homeowners Association (HOA) board is responsible for maintaining the standard of the community and the value of your home. It is instituted to formulate rules and regulations for the betterment of the community and make sure that all the homeowners follow them. 

The board members are also responsible for several activities, including maintaining the common areas and amenities, managing finances, and ensuring that their actions comply with State laws.

However, in order to ensure that all the duties are fulfilled effectively, you must elect members who possess certain essential qualities. There are five traits of a great board member that you should look for in the next HOA elections. These are:

  • Committed to The Community 

The aim of the HOA is the safety and well-being of the community. The HOA board members in Winston Salem should, therefore, be sincerely committed to working towards the betterment of the community. They must be willing to invest their time, actively participate in board meetings and community affairs, and fulfill their obligations with great responsibility.

  • Free from Bias

As a board member, it is essential to fulfill your obligations and responsibilities in an unbiased manner. One should not misuse their powers and bend the rules to favor the individuals they know. They should be impartial towards enforcing the governing documents of your Winston Salem HOA

Charging less HOA fees to friends and relatives, allowing them to use community areas for personal use, offering exclusive perks to specific individuals are a few examples of biased actions. A good HOA board member should work in the interest of the community at large, rather than just for a few individuals. 

  • Accountable

Accountability for their actions and decisions is one of the most essential qualities that board members should possess. HOA members have access to personal information like details related to properties or owners, bonds with third parties, and member discipline discussed in the HOA executive board meetings and are expected to strictly keep it confidential.

The members also have access to the association’s bank accounts, passwords, and the funds collected for maintenance or other purposes. As board members, you are accountable for maintaining clean books for how this money is being spent and sharing the relevant reports with the HOA residents. 

  • Ability To Multi-task

A Winston Salem HOA board member has several crucial duties such as maintaining common areas like swimming pools, gyms, clubhouses, managing the HOA finances, administering the HOA rules and regulations, and resolving conflicts. A good HOA board member should be able to allocate work to respective professionals such as contractors, attorneys, or property managers and ensure that all the tasks are carried out effectively on time. 

A good idea is to work with a property manager who can help them understand their duties, guide them with regards to State laws, perform maintenance and give expert advice for improving HOA administration. 

  • Able to Respond to Situations in a Professional Manner 

Demonstrate OptimismBeing open to suggestions and recommendations is a sign of a great board member. There will be times when an idea suggested by a member would not be appreciated or implemented by the board. However, the member should not take it personally and understand that all the members are dedicated to the betterment of the community and that this particular idea or suggestion may not be the best in that situation. Great HOA board members demonstrate readiness and optimism. 

The functioning of the HOA board and the community’s welfare depend on the quality of board members. As a part of an HOA community in Winston Salem, you can contact a trusted property management company like Capstone Realty Consultants to get advice about the various aspects of HOA management. For more information on HOA board member selection, contact us.