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Homeowners Associations (HOA) are typically privately-owned non-profit organizations that manage residential communities. In North Carolina, nearly a quarter of the state population lives in HOA communities, and almost half the property owners are part of an HOA, and this number is likely to increase in the future. 

Here are some of the benefits of living in an HOA community in Winston Salem.

High Property Value

Homeowners Associations play a significant role in maintaining the value of your property. They help boost curb appeal by landscaping and cleaning the yard and offer amenities that make your home more appealing. The HOA often provides common guidelines regarding trash placement, vehicle parking, yard maintenance, decorations, and structural changes, which helps establish uniformity throughout the community and make the neighborhood look attractive.

Residents have to seek permission from the HOA board members if they want to make any changes to their homes, which ensures that the property value is protected.

Ready Access to Amenities

The HOA takes care of its resident members’ interests and choices. It offers complete access to amenities such as swimming pools, fitness centers, playgrounds, picnic areas, clubhouses, sports clubs, restaurants, and other shared facilities.

Although access to amenities varies by the community, these are the most common ones. In addition, the association also looks after the maintenance and cleanliness of the grounds and common areas. It ensures regular maintenance with the help of the monthly fees it charges from the residents. 

High Standard of Cleanliness and Maintenance

HOA neighborhoods practice high standards of maintenance and cleanliness in shared residential areas. Well-trimmed trees, garbage-free landscaping, and plant beds are all planned by the association. Their upkeep activities also include cleaning sidewalks and walkways, painting, landscaping, fixtures, and repairs. 

Different HOAs issue different guidelines. You can go through the guidelines and reach out to board members if you have any concerns. They also conduct regular meetings to discuss the problems and suggestions for improvement. Sometimes, members may have to perform maintenance on their own homes, and maintenance obligations of the HOA vs. the homeowner can be found in the HOAs governing documents.

Strong Sense of Community

Purchasing a house in an HOA community or moving in as a tenant allows you to experience a sense of belonging. The community stands with you in any property-related situation. Neighbors are more inclined to get to know one another. Gatherings, community functions, social events, and activities are regularly conducted, fostering a close bond amongst the residents.

Individuals can also socialize at the shared amenities such as a swimming pool, golf centers, and tennis courts.

Effective Nuisance Control

woman taking to a board memberAn HOA has the authority to enforce noise control regulations for the community. If a member complains against the offender, the board can take suitable actions. However, it has to verify whether the issue is genuine and it is necessary to interfere. 

Typical noise complaints are related to loud parties, yelling of neighbors, noisy quarrels, loud music, loud television, barking dogs, and noise caused by vehicles.  

Initially, the board can send written warnings to the noisy members. But, if the problem is persistent and the neighbor could not solve it, the board can levy an applicable fine, suspend the owner’s privileges, or even take legal action. 

The Homeowners Association enables residents to live in a comfortable, highly maintained, and secure environment improving the overall quality of life. Therefore, purchasing a house in an HOA can be a worthwhile investment.

However, you need to ensure that you know all the rules and regulations of an HOA well before you purchase a property. As property managers with years of experience, Capstone Realty Consultants is well equipped to manage any community. For more details, contact us at Capstone Realty Consultants.