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One of the best reasons to hire a professional property management company for your Winston-Salem community association management needs is to ensure you’re consistent, accurate, and compliant with all financial records and details. Capstone Realty is the team that can help you.

Get in touch when your HOA board needs some help with accurate, detailed, and transparent financial services.


Collections and Assessments

If you’re struggling to hold your homeowners accountable for on-time payments of their HOA dues, you’re not alone. This is something Winston-Salem community associations always seem to struggle with.

It’s also an excellent reason to work with an experienced management team that can take this function off of your plate.

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 We have experience effectively collecting dues and preparing communities for special assessments. It’s a tough spot to be in – collecting money from your neighbors. Delegating this task to an impartial property manager can ease the discomfort that comes with confronting your friends and neighbors when dues are overdue or assessments are unpopular. 

HOA collections are a unique specialty, and we’ve spent years implementing systems and processes that make it more efficient for everyone.

Budgeting and Financial Planning

Keeping a close eye on the community’s finances is one of the main responsibilities of your HOA board. We work closely with your treasurer to ensure there’s a budget in place and reserves set up for future projects. 

You need an HOA management company that can keep a close eye on your finances, helping you avoid fraud and confusion.

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If you’re looking for transparent and accurate reporting and bookkeeping services, Capstone Realty is your best resource. We know that helping you manage your association finances goes beyond collecting dues collection and enforcing delinquencies. We’re here to help you build a better community that has financial stability. 

We’ll make sure the budget is an agenda item and the reserves are healthy. We’ll also keep a close eye on any accounts that are required by your bylaws, rules, and regulations.

Monthly Financial Reporting

We’re organized and prepared. If you need help with monthly financial reporting, we have the tools, resources, and technologies to streamline everything you need to keep your accounts on track and your bills paid. 

At Capstone, we can help free up some of your valuable time to focus on the long-range planning your community needs. Delegate the board’s day-to-day financial responsibilities to our capable team.

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All of our financial management plans are completely customized, which means we’ll jump in wherever you need us most. Leave these things to us:

  • Reconciling bank statements.

  • Managing operating accounts.

  • Managing reserve accounts.

  • Tracking all accounts payable.

  • Providing financial reports and accounting statements monthly and quarterly.

    Capstone Realty for Winston-Salem HOA Management

    Capstone Realty Consultants enhances your unique HOA or community by providing the best service you can expect. Our unparalleled industry expertise delivers the results you need. Whether you’re struggling to collect overdue assessments or your board meetings have little support, we’re here to offer support, expertise, and resources. We understand the unique needs of each individual community and provide customized condominium and homeowner association services designed to deliver truly measurable value for your community.

    “My rental home in Ardmore has been managed by Capstone. Yes, I found them to be knowledgeable, efficient, courteous but firm in difficult situations. But these qualities would mean nothing if not being used with integrity. The upright integrity of the management and staff is what has impressed me the most. I value their honesty the most.”

    – Evangelia Artist

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    51 Reviews

    Oct 11, 2021
    Capstone Realty Consultants
    Wish the garage trim was also painted and gutters cleaned
    Oct 11, 2021
    Capstone Realty Consultants
    our Capstone manager made this a very simple / painless move. This was appreciated more from our family than words can describe .
    Aug 11, 2021
    Capstone Realty Consultants
    Capstone is extremely professional! I love working with them. They make HOA management extremely easy. Kellie is hands down the best. She is extremely efficient and timely.
    Aug 10, 2021
    Google Capstone Realty Consultants
    I was President of the board for 9 years at our Condo Owners Association.. We moved our management contract to Capstone about 3 years ago. The differences with Capstone were very significant: 1) Capstone is highly professional and their people are stable .We had no turnover in managers. We had a consistent relationship instead of changing managers every year. 2) Capstone provides expertise and effort where it belongs. They know the law and they understood our Bylaws, declarations and regulations better than we did. We got excellent guidance on the big issues. 3) Capstone majors in the important issues. They also hold the Board accountable for doing it’s job. We had to learn to do our job while they managed the COA. We needed to do our part and deal with difficult owners while they provided efficient , timely management services. A successful Owners Association requires a partnership between management and the Board. We each have a role and the roles are complementary. Capstone gets it. They taught our Board how the relationship needed to be for success and affordability.
    Aug 4, 2021
    Google Capstone Realty Consultants
    The crews are always helpful and respectful. They go out of their way to be sure I'm pleased with the work when completed.

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