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Renovating your home can enhance not only its appearance but also increase its ROI, as it attracts more buyers as compared to a home that is in average condition. The buyers will appreciate an appealing and ready house, as it is better equipped, well-maintained, and offers better value.

Therefore, a renovated house creates higher demand from buyers, who are also willing to pay a good price, thus creating a good ROI at the closing table. 

Here are five best ROI home improvement ideas that can get your Winston Salem home a high ROI at the closing table.

  • Remodeling the Kitchen

The kitchen is often the highlight of a home. It needs to be well-structured with polished countertops, spacious cabinets, and all the necessary appliances. Focus on remodeling the space and making attractive, durable, and yet simple changes. 

Adding fresh coats of paint to the cabinets, remodeling the countertops, adding new faucets, and upgrading the appliances are some easy ways to uplift your kitchen’s appearance. Try to keep a basic color theme for the cabinets, oven, countertops, and appliances to create a fresh ambiance.

  • Adding Energy-Efficient Lights

Energy-efficient lights allow you to elevate the appearance of your Winston Salem house while also consuming less electricity. Using energy-efficient lights like recessed lights can make the rooms look bigger and ceilings neater with concealed wiring. They might be more costley than the regular light bulbs, but they last longer. The LED recessed lights last for 50,000 hours or more and can be a great cost saving option.

  • Focus on Landscape Improvements

Open spaces like front- and backyards, patios, swimming pools, and gardens play an important role in impressing potential buyers. A well-maintained garden makes your home seem even more attractive, boosting its market value. You can make these improvements yourself or hire a local landscape designer.

Some simple ways to increase the curb appeal of the landscape are:

  • Use garden-ready flower plants and shrub plants for landscaping. 
  • Use plants that require the least maintenance.
  • Install a new front gate or re-paint the older one. You can also use climbing plants to enhance the look of the main entrance or the porch. 
  • Freshly manicured lawn


  • Upgrade Appliances

Upgrading home appliances will improve the utilitarian appeal of your home along with its market value. Buyers will be interested in your home if it offers modern and functional appliances that are installed with due care. You should consider investing in commonly-used devices like a refrigerator, HVAC system, and oven. You can also demand a higher price if your home has high-end devices such as a smart refrigerator. 

  • Remodel the Basement

Untidy BasementA clean and odor-free basement is as important as any other part of your house. A damp, untidy, and poorly maintained basement is not a strong point in your home’s favor. You can also remodel the basement into a living or working space with some quick fixes, including the electrical and plumbing, proper insulation to avoid moisture, classic flooring, and minimal furniture.

These are some of the best home improvements that can aid in your negotiation for a higher ROI. Working with a real estate agent can help you leverage the best aspects of your home to increase your ROI. This is where Capstone Realty Consultants can assist you, with our vast experience in dealing with the Winston Salem real estate market.

Not only can we help you with home renovation, but also negotiate a good deal for you through our extensive home buyers’ network. For more details, connect with us at Capstone Realty Consultants.