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At Capstone Realty, we conduct routine property inspections to ensure your Winston-Salem rental property is in good condition. We are here to protect your asset and its value, and we also want to make sure your tenants are doing what we expect them to do while living in your property. 

Inspections are a critical part of protecting your property. Here are 8 things you should always look for in an inspection, whether you’re conducting the walk-through yourself or with the help of professional property management services in Winston-Salem. 

1. Unreported Maintenance Needs 

Even good tenants may hesitate to report a maintenance need. They won’t want to bother you. They’ll think it’s not a big deal. Or, they’ll worry that it’s something you will blame them for and ask them to pay for. 

Look for any unreported maintenance while you’re inspecting. You don’t want deferred maintenance to end up costing you more than it should. When you take care of issues right away, it’s cheaper and less frustrating.

2. Potential Plumbing Issues 

Water can have an especially damaging effect on your investment property. Plumbing issues need to be dealt with immediately, and sometimes the only way to know you have a plumbing problem is to look for it. 

Check under sinks and behind toilets when you’re inspecting. Look for water spots on the walls. Make sure the caulk is in good shape around tubs and tiles. 

3. Problems with Pests 

Termites, ants, roaches, rats, and any number of other critters could be setting up house on your property. That’s dangerous to your rental home and it’s also potentially dangerous to the health of your tenants. If you find any evidence of infestations, contact your pest control company.

4. Test Appliances 

Are your appliances running efficiently and correctly? Take a look at the refrigerator, the dishwasher, the stove, and the oven. If you provide a washer and a dryer for your tenants, look at those as well, paying special attention to the lint screen in your dryer. Fires can easily start if there’s too much of it clogging the hoses and vents. 

5. Inspect the HVAC System 

Heating and cooling is essential in Winston-Salem. Make sure the furnace works and the air conditioning. Test the thermostat. Consider hiring an HVAC tech to service and inspect the entire system annually. This type of preventative maintenance will save you money and keep your tenants much happier throughout the changing seasons.

6. Look at the Landscaping 

Inspecting the exterior of your property is just as important as inspecting the interior. Take a look at any lawn our outdoor space you have. Make sure there aren’t tree branches posing a danger to your roof. Is there adequate lighting on the porch or in the parking area? 

Landscaping leads to curb appeal, and you need to keep your Winston-Salem rental property looking great. Make sure it’s tidy, attractive, and low-maintenance. 

7. Talk about Lease Violations in Winston-Salem Rentals 

Every inspection is a great opportunity to look for potential lease violations. It’s up to you to hold your tenants accountable. During your inspection, you might find an unauthorized pet, for example. Or, you might notice that there is evidence of hoarding, and you’ll need to address safety and cleanliness issues with your tenants.

8. Opportunities for Upgrades and Updates 

Where can you improve your property for higher rental values and better tenant placement and retention? Maybe it’s a new appliance, updated floors, or fresh paint. Look for opportunities to make some cost-effective renovations during your inspection.

Contact Property ManagementThese are 8 important areas to inspect. If you’d like to hear more about our Winston-Salem real estate services and property management, please contact us at Capstone Realty Consultants.